Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chapter 6 (don't forget to read the authors note below this post)

I raced down the road on the path way to the emergency room. I could hear the moan of Jake every time I sped across a bump in the road.

"I'm so sorry sweetie, I wish I could go fast AND avoid bumps, but unfortunately, I can't"

"It's okay, you don't have to go to the-ah-emergency room"

"Yes, we do! I can see the pain in your eyes, and your going to pass this off as an "owie"! You did not fall of the swings" I felt kinda bad as I spat the words to him like a mother

I could see in my rear view mirror that Nate and Sara were speeding right behind.And then I heard the startling ring of my cell phone. As I reached for it, a deer jumped in front of the car! I mean how could this day get any worse! My tires screeched as I swerved and stopped. When I got out of the car it reeked of burning rubber.Nate was standing, looking at the patronized deer lying on the road.As I walked up I could sense he was upset, "So, is he dead or just surprised?"
"I think it's just surprised..." He was just staring at it, like it was a freak at a freak show
"Should we move it off the road?"
"Yeah, but we're gonna need help" He raised his eyebrows and looked at Jake's beat up old car.
"NO WAY NATE! You KNOW he's hurt!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.
"Oh, really. Well you didn't see this picture..."
He held his phone that shown brightly on the screen, a picture of Jake leaning over in pain, with an evil smurk on his face.
"No Nate, he didn't lie!He wouldn't do that to me"
"Well guess what, look at the evidence!"
He shook the picture.
"How Da-"
"Hey guys, are we gonna move this thing or what?" Sara said as she walked up.
"Yeah" As I said this,I glared at Nate to tell him that the conversation wasn't over.
When we started pushing it over, it started to get up.So we just lead it across the street.
I got in the car.Silence.
"Jake,tell me the truth.Are you hurt?"
"God Dammit! Why do insist on lying!?!"I got out of the car and stormed over to Nates car.
"I'm sorry I denied you so quickly Nate."I said when he rolled down the window.
"It's alright.I knew you'd find out!"
I got in the car.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chapter 5

My old white 420 sl,auto Mercedes, basically I got for 2,050 dollars it was so old,stopped.When Sarah climbed out she almost tripped on a rock while hurrying toward the sand.I sweeped the beach with a hard glare.When I saw the kite Angie was running with I started running toward Angie with great effort.When I reached her in no time I asked "Are you okay Ange, what happened?"
"I'm fine, I'm fine, it's just that Jake went into the bathroom and hasn't come out in awhile, I think he's sick.I'm kinda glad you came after I thought through that Sarah can't go into the boy's bathroom."
"Oh"I said in a disappointed voice.
I slowly trudged to the boy's public bathroom in search of Jake.When Sarah reached Angie she was laughing at the fact that Angie wasn't hurt and it was just Jake that got sick.
When I got to the bathroom I looked for Jake half hearted.
"Jaaaaake" I heard his voice in the far stall to the right,
"Yeah" His voice was crusty,like a frog was happily chirping in his voice box.
"Are you okay?"
"Sorta,I feel like my stomach is doing the disco"
"It's probably the stomach flu, you should get home"
"Okay" Slowly the far stall to the right opened, and out came Jake holding his stomach in pain.
When we stepped out of the bathroom Angie sprinted toward the two of us,she skidded to a stop.
"Are you okay Jake, what happened?"
"That's what I said to you but you weren't hurt"I mumbled low under my voice
"I think I need to go to the hospital"His voice sounded fake but hurt in a way.
"Oh sweetie,I'll drive you okay"
"Okay" His smothered weak voice was excruciating to my mind,I can't believe he stooped that low.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chapter 4

Ring Ring...Ring Ring...beep, Hey It's Angie um, I'll call you back as soon as possible...bye I guess. "Hey it's Nate, umm I wanted to know if you were free today, um if your up to it just call me back if you need something to do,cause I'm really bored so, yeah,bye" Beep.
Ugh phones. Considering I have nothing to do on a free Friday , is sad. I mean really,really sad.But who cares, right. I can go to the movies or lunch by myself...right. If I just heard myself say that, I'm a lonely NERD!!! I think I'm going skate boarding now that I'm all bored out. I grabbed my skull designed board and screamed at the top of my lungs "MOOOM, I'M GOING BOARDING,'K!" And then at the top of her lungs, "'K, BE CAREFUL!" All right I took my phone just in case all of my boredness would end...I'm not desperate okay. "Darn, I forgot to take my blood sample" I turned around and headed back home when I ran into Sarah. "Hey Nate, have you talked to Angie?" She looked worried, uh-oh. "No, why?" This was getting strange
"Uh,cause she left a really weird voice message on my cellphone."
"May I hear"
"Uh, sure" she looked a little nervous.

"Hey, it's Ange,uh...I really need a ride to your house, um, I'm stuck at the beach with Jake, and he's acting a little strange, and,uh,come quick please."
"Okay, defiantly weird"
"Can you give me a ride to the beach? My car is on the fritz"
"Uh...sure" I picked up the board and walked with Sarah to my house, she called her mom to tell her she was going to the beach with me, and she was going to be back as soon as possible.
It was a silent way to the beach.Even though I was enjoying the excitement for once in my day, I was worried. We stopped behind a blue ford truck at the beach.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chapter 3

Beep Beep, Beep Beep. "Ugh what time is it?" Apparently it was way past when I was supposed to meet up with Jake. I unconsiously hit the snooze button and then realiezed that it was Friday and I HAD to go to school...Ugh school. I dizzily rose to my feet, and stumbeled to the bathroom.I washed my face,brushed my teeth, yadda yadda yadda.I suddenly changed moods in an instince when I noticed the string on my finger which meant that I was supposed to remember something good, or something special.And thats when it hit me, NO SCHOOL!!!!
So I literly ran down stairs to call someone to occupie me all day...which was good, string on finger, cause I got to aimlessly walk around somewhere, window shop somewhere, watch something somewhere or something with someone.But there was only one problem, who to call... Jake, Nate, Jamie, or my girlfriend Sarah. Um..........I really didn't want to not be fair so I randomly chose a person.Guess who! Jake.YAY! I called and he didn't have any plans, as useal, and he was at my house in 8 miniuets to pick me up for a movie, a walk in the park, and ice cream, obviously the perfect evening! When I opened the door he stood there with his hottness already in effect. I walked to his old classic convertable,origanal paint and all. He opened the passenger door for me, score, and I stepped in. But as he started the engine there was an unwanted silence. When we got to the movies I realized it wasn't the movies.It was the edge of the sidewalk next to a sand bar, bordering the the sea green ocean. He got out and walked to the trunk without helping me out so I got out myself to find out what was going on.When I got around the car he had a pair of hand cuffs and two hair banners."Whats that for?" I asked with curiosity spread all over my face.
"Nothing in particular" a slow smile spread across his face.It was sorta creepy. He got something deep inside his trunk, a kite. "Okay, whats the occaution?" I asked with a small trace of surpise in my voice. "Just want to spend sometime with my girlfriend" The word Girlfriend made me flutter with excitement." But theres only one"
"I want to watch you"

"What ever" I said, This was definately strange.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chapter Two

I was watching Angie wait for her “Boyfriend” at the curb. She was so pathetic to think that her boyfriend actually liked her for who she really was! And I know that last sentence made you think I liked her, only as a best friend. She glanced at me for a split second looking frustrated that Jake wasn’t there yet. So I walked up to her, guts of steal, eh. “So, who’s picking you up” I asked curiously, even though I already knew. “Jake” she said in a quiet disappointed voice. “He’s a little late” I said sarcastically knowing it would piss her off. Oh well. “Tell me about it” she said. She looked uncomfortable. Just a little history, we had gone to a martial arts camp together. And at the time we were at the peak of our friendship telling each other anything and everything. Nothing awkward about anything. And there were other kids, of course. And, of course, they made fun of and mocked us and said we should be together forever, well that was an emotional time for Angie and she didn’t talk to me all the way home and even a week after that until we had a tournament to do, which was business. And then a red convertible pulled up with blazing rock music coming from it. Obviously Jake and his dad coming to pick up Angie. She jumped over the car door and next to Jake. “Bye Nate!” she yelled. It surprised me she would even notice me when her “boyfriend” was around. Ugh, I hated him.
It took my mom awhile to come pick me up. I was sitting on the curb waiting and listening to music. Suddenly I heard the same blazing music and Angie on the phone in the car. They pulled up to me. “Hey I called your mom and asked if it was okay to go to the movies with you and Jake and she said sure, do you want to come with?” she shouted over the music “Sure” I screamed back. I can’t believe that she was thinking about me this whole time. I jumped in next to Angie who was in the middle. This was going to be fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chapter One

Wham! Oh that had to hurt. If your wondering what just happened I just drove a side splitting round house kick to Jamie’s side. Yeah, sparing… If you didn’t already know my name’s Angie, my BFF’s name is Nate. Let’s take a little walk on an intro sidewalk. Jamie, an annoying little BRAT!!! No need to explain, you’ll see. My mom walked out on me only a month after I was born. Nice. My dad, well he’s my dad. And last but not least my boyfriend, Jake. He is SO hypnosis. SO h-o-double-t, it isn’t funny. “Nice Ange” said my Sensei. Just so you know a sensei is a third degree black belt in the martial art of Mizu-RyuJu-Jitsu. No, you haven’t heard it.
“Whew, that was harsh. Oh by the way nice upper cut earlier,” I said. “Thanks” said Jamie. “Ah, that round house just blew me out!” “HA, Your so week.” I exclaimed more full of adrenaline then ever. “Says the one who didn’t block the obvious side kick. Ugh, that fight was too easy.” “ I let you win!” Nate barged in “She did LET you win.” Jamie shot Nate a look of DEATH, “If I’m lying, I’m dying!”
My boyfriend was supposed to pick me up after martial arts tonight. I’m so excited that my dad actually let me go to the movies without him sitting in the middle of us, let alone be THERE!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


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