Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chapter Two

I was watching Angie wait for her “Boyfriend” at the curb. She was so pathetic to think that her boyfriend actually liked her for who she really was! And I know that last sentence made you think I liked her, only as a best friend. She glanced at me for a split second looking frustrated that Jake wasn’t there yet. So I walked up to her, guts of steal, eh. “So, who’s picking you up” I asked curiously, even though I already knew. “Jake” she said in a quiet disappointed voice. “He’s a little late” I said sarcastically knowing it would piss her off. Oh well. “Tell me about it” she said. She looked uncomfortable. Just a little history, we had gone to a martial arts camp together. And at the time we were at the peak of our friendship telling each other anything and everything. Nothing awkward about anything. And there were other kids, of course. And, of course, they made fun of and mocked us and said we should be together forever, well that was an emotional time for Angie and she didn’t talk to me all the way home and even a week after that until we had a tournament to do, which was business. And then a red convertible pulled up with blazing rock music coming from it. Obviously Jake and his dad coming to pick up Angie. She jumped over the car door and next to Jake. “Bye Nate!” she yelled. It surprised me she would even notice me when her “boyfriend” was around. Ugh, I hated him.
It took my mom awhile to come pick me up. I was sitting on the curb waiting and listening to music. Suddenly I heard the same blazing music and Angie on the phone in the car. They pulled up to me. “Hey I called your mom and asked if it was okay to go to the movies with you and Jake and she said sure, do you want to come with?” she shouted over the music “Sure” I screamed back. I can’t believe that she was thinking about me this whole time. I jumped in next to Angie who was in the middle. This was going to be fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chapter One

Wham! Oh that had to hurt. If your wondering what just happened I just drove a side splitting round house kick to Jamie’s side. Yeah, sparing… If you didn’t already know my name’s Angie, my BFF’s name is Nate. Let’s take a little walk on an intro sidewalk. Jamie, an annoying little BRAT!!! No need to explain, you’ll see. My mom walked out on me only a month after I was born. Nice. My dad, well he’s my dad. And last but not least my boyfriend, Jake. He is SO hypnosis. SO h-o-double-t, it isn’t funny. “Nice Ange” said my Sensei. Just so you know a sensei is a third degree black belt in the martial art of Mizu-RyuJu-Jitsu. No, you haven’t heard it.
“Whew, that was harsh. Oh by the way nice upper cut earlier,” I said. “Thanks” said Jamie. “Ah, that round house just blew me out!” “HA, Your so week.” I exclaimed more full of adrenaline then ever. “Says the one who didn’t block the obvious side kick. Ugh, that fight was too easy.” “ I let you win!” Nate barged in “She did LET you win.” Jamie shot Nate a look of DEATH, “If I’m lying, I’m dying!”
My boyfriend was supposed to pick me up after martial arts tonight. I’m so excited that my dad actually let me go to the movies without him sitting in the middle of us, let alone be THERE!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


O and by the way i'm not goin to post a new chapter untill you post on the old post. So I know i'm not writing to myself.


My book is comin soon...okay...

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