Monday, January 19, 2009

chapter 9

I was already at the smoothie shop for ten minuets before Nate finally showed his face.

"What was the hold up...I'm starved!"

"Sorry, clothing issues with my mom."

"Looks like you won that argument"


Nate was wearing a black-skull T, and skinny blue jeans. That was his normal outfit usually. People still ask me today if he's goth or emo...and I still say "NO!". That was that, he was my best friend and I stuck up for him.Even his mom says he dresses like a goth freak, I take it he ignores her.

"So what type of smoothie was your starved stomach aiming for?" he asked in his "casual" voice.

"Something smooth." I stated,knocking him off of his "cool" guard.

"That's not fair, last time you got to pay!"

"Fine,then I have a proposal."

"State your proposal,doubt I'll except though..." pouting was his specialty when it came to paying for grub.

"You pay for your smoothie, and I'll pay for mine,deal?"

"Not unless I get to pay for a third of yours."

"Fine, deal"

"Deal." he said with a great big smile on his face like he just won an Olympic medal or something.Ugh, boys and their pride!

"NEXT!" the dopey looking cashier screamed.

"I'll have the "Berry Mix"...Nate?"

"Whatever she's having."

"Small, medium, or large?"


"Again whatever she's having" he said as he nodded his head to me.

"8.16, tax and everythin."

Nate was doing the math in his head, he quickly handed the cashier a ten dollar bill while I was rumiging through my bag for my wallet.

"Comin' RIGHT up." said the cashier.

As I took my eye's off of the inside of my bag, no luck with the wallet, and said "That was very sneaky of you...I'll get you for that one, someday sometime, but you'll never know when..." I raised my eyebrows.

"Whatever...go pick a seat."

"FINE!" I dropped them, and stomped on his foot, I snickered to myself when I saw his wince.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chapter 8

I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing at a constant..."that had me in SUCH a great mood!" yeah right!And the most annoying thing is when someone FINALLY answered the phone, afterwards ,whoever it was (mom), yelled "NATE! IT'S FOR YOU!" she must have put the caller on hold cause after that she said "GET YOUR LAZY BUTT OUT OF BED!" I sighed and wobbled out of my messy room.
I grabbed the the phone and said,
"Mom, I'm up...Hello?"

"Hey Nate!" Angie's hyper high voice said on the other line.I heard the phone hang up where my mom was.

"Wassup Ange" I said in a mellow tired tone.

"The sky" her usual answer...which means nothing was wrong...that made my day...or my morning depending on my mood for the rest of this maybe miserable or joyful day.

"But seriously, I feel like smoothies for breakfast...wanna come with?"

"Sure, but I gotta gather myself first, just got outta bed."

"I heard..."

"Ugh, I thought she maybe put you on hold and NOT embarrass me for once...Oh well. Alright then, meet you there at...10:30?"

"Okay, see you there."

"Okay, bye."


I did my usual morning routine. Bathroom, Shower, brush my teeth, yadda yadda yadda...only thing different was the adrenaline when getting was so bad that I actually asked my mom to help me pick out what I should wear...from the evidence of the collared shirt and the kacky pants I was wearing at the moment...pretty bad. So right before I left, I changed into my usual outfit of a black t-shirt and jeans and white skater sneaks instead of loafers...moms will be moms.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chapter 7

When we got to Nate's house, Mrs. Anderson was baking cookies.

"MMMMM...that smells SO good, mom!"

"Well, Well. You brought friends! Me casa, sue casa."

"Mom, didn't you quit Spanish class?" the sound of his sarcasm was so strong that if that sentence were a punch she would have passed out. But she just grunted. Nate showed us to the snacks and the TV, and we watched TV and ate most of the day, till the phone rang.

Nate sighed and jumped to his feet. "Hello? Leave her alone you've already done enough for one day!" And then he slammed the phone in to the receiver. I jumped a little.

"What was that all about?" said Nate's mom.

"It was Angie's lair of a boyfriend on the other side of that line, but if he were standing in this room..." He shook his tight fist.

" Oh. What happened?"

"Long story."

"Oh. OK."

There was silence for awhile, until I had the nerve to ask, "What did he want?"

"He just wanted to say he was sorry, and he needed a little more attention!Ugh, he makes me So mad!

"I can see that" I mumbled under my breath.

I stayed a few more hours and then had to leave, and go back home to my worried dad. It took awhile to explain what my backstabbing boyfriend did and the deer and all. All he said was, "So. You had a long day." Oh well, it doesn't hurt to try.