Friday, November 14, 2008

Chapter 4

Ring Ring...Ring Ring...beep, Hey It's Angie um, I'll call you back as soon as possible...bye I guess. "Hey it's Nate, umm I wanted to know if you were free today, um if your up to it just call me back if you need something to do,cause I'm really bored so, yeah,bye" Beep.
Ugh phones. Considering I have nothing to do on a free Friday , is sad. I mean really,really sad.But who cares, right. I can go to the movies or lunch by myself...right. If I just heard myself say that, I'm a lonely NERD!!! I think I'm going skate boarding now that I'm all bored out. I grabbed my skull designed board and screamed at the top of my lungs "MOOOM, I'M GOING BOARDING,'K!" And then at the top of her lungs, "'K, BE CAREFUL!" All right I took my phone just in case all of my boredness would end...I'm not desperate okay. "Darn, I forgot to take my blood sample" I turned around and headed back home when I ran into Sarah. "Hey Nate, have you talked to Angie?" She looked worried, uh-oh. "No, why?" This was getting strange
"Uh,cause she left a really weird voice message on my cellphone."
"May I hear"
"Uh, sure" she looked a little nervous.

"Hey, it's Ange,uh...I really need a ride to your house, um, I'm stuck at the beach with Jake, and he's acting a little strange, and,uh,come quick please."
"Okay, defiantly weird"
"Can you give me a ride to the beach? My car is on the fritz"
"Uh...sure" I picked up the board and walked with Sarah to my house, she called her mom to tell her she was going to the beach with me, and she was going to be back as soon as possible.
It was a silent way to the beach.Even though I was enjoying the excitement for once in my day, I was worried. We stopped behind a blue ford truck at the beach.


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