Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chapter 5

My old white 420 sl,auto Mercedes, basically I got for 2,050 dollars it was so old,stopped.When Sarah climbed out she almost tripped on a rock while hurrying toward the sand.I sweeped the beach with a hard glare.When I saw the kite Angie was running with I started running toward Angie with great effort.When I reached her in no time I asked "Are you okay Ange, what happened?"
"I'm fine, I'm fine, it's just that Jake went into the bathroom and hasn't come out in awhile, I think he's sick.I'm kinda glad you came after I thought through that Sarah can't go into the boy's bathroom."
"Oh"I said in a disappointed voice.
I slowly trudged to the boy's public bathroom in search of Jake.When Sarah reached Angie she was laughing at the fact that Angie wasn't hurt and it was just Jake that got sick.
When I got to the bathroom I looked for Jake half hearted.
"Jaaaaake" I heard his voice in the far stall to the right,
"Yeah" His voice was crusty,like a frog was happily chirping in his voice box.
"Are you okay?"
"Sorta,I feel like my stomach is doing the disco"
"It's probably the stomach flu, you should get home"
"Okay" Slowly the far stall to the right opened, and out came Jake holding his stomach in pain.
When we stepped out of the bathroom Angie sprinted toward the two of us,she skidded to a stop.
"Are you okay Jake, what happened?"
"That's what I said to you but you weren't hurt"I mumbled low under my voice
"I think I need to go to the hospital"His voice sounded fake but hurt in a way.
"Oh sweetie,I'll drive you okay"
"Okay" His smothered weak voice was excruciating to my mind,I can't believe he stooped that low.


Angel Wings said...

Tee Hee!I tricked all of you!Tee Hee!!!

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Hey. Cool. Bye. Peace. Oh, and check out my choose your adventure thing. Peace again. And whatever you're doing, enjoy it. Peace again again.

Angel Wings said...

you thought that she was gonna be kidnapped...but she wasn't!Once again...Tee Hee!I tricked you ALL!!!

Kim said...

hey ur a really good writer! and im pretty pricky about what i read...well not that picky but still. i havent checked this blog for a while so sorry. :)

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when is chapter 6?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Angel Wings said...

'm so sorry you guys...I haven't posted in the longest time it isn't funny..I'll post tonight I promise...