Wednesday, March 18, 2009

chapter ten (i changed it)

"The wind was blowing silently as i walk down the narrow ally, approaching the dark subject in the distance. When the moon light shine in my eyes, D ducked so I would not be seen..." RING RING!!!RING RING!!!


"Yo, it's you want to go see a movie tomorrow with some friends? I'm setting up a movie party...thing."

"Sure. Let me go tell my mom, hold on."


I ran out of my room, throwing the suspenseful book on the floor.

"Hey mom?!"


"Can I go to the movies tomorrow with a bunch of friends?!"



I know...cheesy, right? I ran back to my room and picked up the phone from on the dresser.



"Mom said good to go. See you there!"

"'K. Bye."


What to wear...what to shirt with black vest over with dark blue skinny jeans and a loose hot pink tie...perfecto!
I laid my outfit on the dresser just as I got a strange text...


Jenn said...


Angel Wings said...

HEE HEE...whole point

Zaniac said...

I can't wait!


Angel Wings said...

i...don' who are you?

Thief:the deadly shadow said...

I had the same question they got on my blog called
people who dislike others in a hating's weird.How did you get all these people on your writing blog?I have nobody but you.Not that anythings wrong with you it's just discourqaging having nobody read your creations.

heather/the author of Bite Marks

Lauren said...

i like it so far

Zaniac said...

Angel Wings I'm somebody! Ha ha. But I'm Zaniac and I have a few blogs and I write just like you and my blog called Novel is a story and I really want you to check it out. Keep up the good work and write, write, write!!!

Zaniac said...

I'm impatiently waiting for the enxt chapter!

hurry up please before i die of impatience!

Angel Wings said...

lol...i'm workin on it...