Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chapter 11

My phone vibrated.
"1 message from Angie"

"Dude...I really hve 2 change plans for da movie!"

Wait what...her mom said she could come...what happened?


"Y cant u come?"

I waited for an answer for about an hour..something fishey is going on... All that waiting made me so bored, i actually did my homework and studied for a trig test. Time to break out my skate board. Since I was home alone, I didn't have to make the scream scene yet again. The evening air was cool and crisp, I went on to the street to speed up. Putting my earphones in...listening to Angies favorite song...what? I am NOT obssesed!


I heard a truck-like honk in the slight distance...but I just remembered I was listening to music...I took an earphone out...

Then everything went completley black and painful.


Zaniac said...

Ugh, another cliff hanger, even more cliff-y than the first one.


Angel Wings said... you know bout my other none writing one? Well...I write in it...but not about Angie and stuff...about me

Thief:the deadly shadow said...

hey.Good to see you again Angel!How's my fellow writer doing?Looks to me pretty dang good on thr book.I've finished my first book called Bite Marks,but I haven't typed it yet.I have another one now called Thunderbird you should check it out.Nice book Angel.It's going well!!


Angel Wings said...

thnx!...It gunna get alot better!?

Thief:Friend keeper enemy killer said...

I'm liking it.You knoww how to make the suspence grow...That takes writing talent.

Angel Wings said... glad to hear that also taking in the fact that im on borderline of failing english...i don't know how thats possible...wait...i know...i don't turn in some of my work...i get some 0's and my grade drops a letter...

Thief:Friend keeper enemy killer said...

hey me too!

Angel Wings said...

I hate that

Thief:Friend keeper enemy killer said...

Lol.I almost had to go to summer school.*cough*Lucky for me I got a D-!Woo Hoo*cough*ugh later

Daniel said...

Wow. you haven't updated in a while. Good story.